I adore teaching. In fall 2011, my students and I launched I Heart Sociology as a platform for them to engage, discuss, and communicate their sociological thinking as they progress through each semester.

Throughout my teaching, I have engaged digital technologies to embrace new forms of pedagogy and scholarship to enhance students’ learning and educational experiences and to place their work front and center as “public sociology.” You can view their work here:

Contemporary Sociological Theory (Fall 2011)

Criminology (Spring 2012)

Deviance (Spring 2012)

My courses are designed to give students the tools and practice they need to synthesize and critically analyze information; gain greater fluency in various forms of social media and digital softwares; and better communicate their ideas in ways that are clear, innovative, and effective.

In previous courses, students in my Capital Punishment in America class at UT Austin created some amazing social media projects to bring awareness to the American death penalty as you can see below:

Death by Accomplice: A Documentary on the Law of Parties

Guess Who: Governor Perry and the Death Penalty

Conditions on Texas’ Death Row

Cameron Todd Willingham–Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

Blog: Lethal Injection in America

Capital Punishment Flash Mob 2009

Facebook Group Students for Capital Punishment Awareness

Facebook Class Project: Capital Punishment in America


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